For the last 23 years, the D'Amore family has been importing its water from Boston, MA to craft their very special crust. This has earned us critical acclaim, nationally and worldwide. But we didn't stop there...After a recent trip to Italy where Joe spent time sampling their bread products, he was so impressed with the crunchy buttery taste that he decided to take our pizza to a whole new, international level and import the water from Italy. This is no ordinary crust! D'Amore's committment to the perfect pizza will never cease. "If I can find better water on the moon, I'll find a way to bring it in!" says Joe This crust will have you singing Dean Martin's hit, "When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's D'Amore's!"

D'Amore's New Gluten Free Pizza and Vegan Pizzas!!

  • 7" Cheese pizza (plain or herb crust)
  • Focaccia Bread- rosemary and garlic or sun dried tomatoes & herbs
  • Bread Sticks-Onion or sesame
  • Vegan Cheese Pizza

We at D'Amore's Pizza take every precaution to ensure that your pizza is gluten-free. The crust is prepared by The Sensitive Baker in their dedicated gluten-free facility and delivered to us in a sealed package, where it is baked on a dedicated gluten-free pizza stone with dedicated utensils. Our gluten-free pizzas are never exposed to wheat-based flours, and our toppings have been approved gluten-free.

However, we are not a gluten-free facility, and we advise you to use your own discretion regarding your dietary needs when ordering from our gluten-free menu.
Thank you

D'Amores Famous Pizza - Voted number 1 as the best pizza in LA

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How We Do It

These are questions that we are asked on a daily basis at D'Amore's. The answers are found in the recipe, the ingredients and the preparation. Since 1987, founder Joe D'Amore has committed his life to bringing his customers a pizza that stands outs from the rest.

How do we do it? It's a multi step process that begins with the water. If you take our famous pizza recipe but use tap water in the dough process, what do you get? A tasty pizza on a lackluster piece of dough. What do you get when you use imported water from the Italian Alps when making our dough? The #1 Rated Pizza in the Nation!

"Doesn't that cost you a small fortune?" you may ask. The simple answer is "yes!" Is it worth it? You betcha!

A few other facts about our ingredients that make us stand out from all the rest.

We only use Extra Virgin olive oil in our crust. Not lard, like so many of our competitors.

We only use the July crop of tomatoes to make our sauce. It is the most naturally sweet tomato of the year, so we do not need to add artificial sweeteners to make our sauce taste good.

Our cheese is imported from Wisconsin- where the best cheese in the U.S. is found. We use a low salt, low moisture, part skim-part whole milk mozzarella. This cheese melts in your mouth and stretches to a mouth watering perfection.

We cook our pizzas in brick ovens to create a crust with a matchless crispy crunch.

Things we say NO to:

  • Trans fats
  • MSG
  • Partially Hydrogenated Oils
  • Margarine
  • Lard
  • Added Sugars